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The Unbound Man

“[The Unbound Man is] a multi-faceted read with characters who have that all too rare depth and ambiguity. Well done!”
— Janny Wurts, author of The Wars of Light and Shadow
and co-author of the Empire series (with Raymond E. Feist)

In a land of merchant companies, printing presses, gunpowder and sorcery, Arandras Kanthesi once worked alongside the gifted and powerful, hunting down artefacts of the glorious past and teasing out their secrets. Then an unknown assailant murdered his wife, and his world fell apart.

Now, at last, he has a lead.

But pursuing his quarry means joining forces with the Quill, the order of sorcerers and scholars Arandras abandoned after his wife’s death. And the Quill’s help never comes without a price.

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